computer networking australia new zealandThe key to reliable and resilient IT environments is getting the basic infrastructure right. The clear benefits of getting it right are lower frustration and fewer interruptions to IT services that affect staff productivity.

Data Backup and Recovery services

We make sure your backups work and can actually be used to recover!

Server and workstation security services

We ensure your fleet operating systems are kept up to date and secured with Microsoft’s released patches and they are protected by our managed anti-virus software.

Workstation build services

Fast build or re-build of workstations reduces the costs associated with the implementation of new systems. We will identify when it is more economical to rebuild rather than troubleshoot peculiar behaviour.

Network structure

Having the right type of networking equipment and management for your environment means hassle free but secure connectivity for workstations, WiFi devices and IP telephony systems.

IP Telephony

Take advantage of integration features that IP voice systems bring to your staff.