About Us

Managed Services and Support wherever your business needs it

ITeam manages their clients’ environments and supports their staff no matter where the business is, regardless of the time-zone, by using industry leading management systems. These systems allow us to track, monitor, remote control, patch, backup, report and manage the life-cycle of an asset, agreement or contract with vendors and third parties.

Our Principles


Provide IT Solutions designed to aligned with the current and future business requirements.

Execute IT Projects on time and on budget that ensure the business objectives are met.

Provide peace of mind that IT Systems are working around the clock.

Enabled IT Business Improvement processes that deliver improved productivity, responsiveness and competitive advantage.


Provide solutions to improve Communication, enhance knowledge sharing, promote collaboration, enable Mobility, foster Process Improvement, and ensure Business Continuity

Business Outcome Focus

Focus on a balanced business outcome taking into account the need to reduce IT Cost as % Revenue, Enable Growth, Reduce Risk of downtime, drive Employee Engagement, increase Customer Satisfaction.

Our Approach

There is never one solution. A solution selection should be based on:

  • Strategic direction
  • Budget
  • Risk tolerance
  • Redundancy and availability
  • Scalability
  • Support ability
  • Viability