About Us

Managed Services and Support wherever your business needs it

ITeam manages their clients’ environments and supports their staff no matter where the business is, regardless of the time-zone, by using industry leading management systems. These systems allow us to track, monitor, remote control, patch, backup, report and manage the life-cycle of an asset, agreement or contract with vendors and third parties.

Our Principles


ITeam will thoroughly investigate your existing infrastructure and services. If they are not operating efficiently with appropriate security and timely backups we will endeavour to rectify the situation as a priority. A recommendation to invest in any new infrastructure/technology will only be considered if it’s worth the cost of replacing your current solution.


We refer to Gartner for guidance when short-listing technology solutions. Gartner’s research methodology the “Gartner Magic Quadrant” identifies and rates how vendors execute their vision compared to the market direction. When the choice is close between vendor solutions the Gartner Magic Quadrant can make the difference.

Right vs Easy

It is often false economy to take the easy path to a solution rather than the right path. It may be tempting to go the easy way, but invariably over time it will prove to have a higher cost impact to the business. We will always aim for the right solution as opposed to the easy one.

Our Approach

There is never one solution. A solution selection should be based on:

  • Strategic direction
  • Budget
  • Risk tolerance
  • Redundancy and availability
  • Scalability
  • Support ability
  • Viability