computer security services australiaITeam Consulting implement security solutions to protect your business from threats that are not just from hackers. Breaches to your environment are more likely to occur through users being tricked via email or unknowingly accessing compromised infected websites.

Internet Security Services

We recommend firewalls with Unified Threat Management (UTM) capabilities, because today’s threats cannot be blocked by firewall rules alone. We design, implement, manage, monitor and report on your Internet usage and traffic characteristics.

Secure Remote Access Systems

With multi factor authentication, remote access to your systems is secured. You can be assured that only authorised staff with authorised devices are remotely accessing your systems, resources and intellectual property.

Anti Spam/Virus/Malware

The systems we use are extremely reliable and effective in what is almost the last line of defence. They are designed so as not to place a burden on system resources of the servers, mail systems or users’ computers and don’t get in the way of users’ computing activities.

User Education

Usually the last line of defence!  Education is key but we also alert users when the incidence of threats are high, so they are more aware of the risky emails they may receive during a zero day exploit.